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Anna Mickevica

I consider braveness and expression to be very important aspects of painting, as they give an opportunity to be yourself and inspire others. The main idea behind my works is to reflect complete freedom and natural harmony of human perception of life and art because I see them as two sides of the same coin. I love unplanned accidents and marks on the painting. I believe that they make my artwork alive and real.

At this point of my art practice I am focused on expressive figures and expressive – abstract landscapes. Although both areas are expressive, my approach to them is different. I feel that the human body requires accuracy, delicateness and attention to details, whereas the landscape can be better expressed in brave and spontaneous movements. It is important for me to paint in a confident manner and allow accidents to happen. My usually dark palette of pastel colours is complemented by either brighter or darker hues. Linear elements and horizontal strokes are also a characteristic feature that often intertwines into brave movements or merges with the background. I consider white colour as the most important, thus I enjoy using it for a final touch and as a main element. Large scale boards and canvases help me to be more open and free. I paint with acrylic paints as they are great for moving forward fast and mixing with other media. All my figurative art is represented from live models to bring reality and movement to the painting. I strive to bring mystery and atmosphere to my works. For me it is very important that my paintings wider imagination and cause feelings. One of my main purposes is to produce work that is free from hesitation and struggle. I wish for the viewer to be able to perceive my pieces as light and strong at the same time.

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Fine Art

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