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Digital Interaction Design

Work on display: Digital Interaction Design

Interaction Design is all about designing interactions with content, objects and places––and thereby new interactions with each other. This usually involves digital technology––mobile apps, digital products, etc.––but we are more interested in the people we design for and with: values that we share with the Social Digital group, alongside Product Design and Interior Environmental Design.
Our work is often playful, but with serious intent, crafted yet thoughtful. This year it includes an city tour augmented by projected graphic novels, an app for discovering craft beers and an interactive mat to support intensive workouts.

Al-Hady Aladin

My project is a puppet interaction which uses digital interaction between people and puppets to help show...

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Dalton Alexander

I have a passion for exploring creativity, and with that I strive to create user-friendly experiences, strong...

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Rebecca Anderson

For many people across the globe sign language is a primary means of communication. However, sign language is not...

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Philippa Gibby

I am currently a Digital Interaction Designer focusing on interface design. In the future, I would like to work in...

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Mark Haley

My business proposal is an online network where designers can upload their portfolio and find work from businesses...

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Tom Kubba

Peak flow testing is an important part of monitoring how an asthma diagnosis is progressing, yet children often...

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Demi Leung

I am a digital interaction designer and I am greatly motivated by the automotive design industry and where it is...

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Marina Metaxa

High intensity interval training is a very popular and widely practiced training technique across the globe, in...

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Anna Morozova

'Hidden Dundee' uses the city space as an environment for the interactive storytelling content inclusion in a form...

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Lorretta Reynolds

While the last decade has seen rapid growth within the tabletop game development and the rise of gaming cafes, the...

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Digital Interaction Design is all about being creative about how digital technology will affect our everyday lives. This doesn't just mean computers. Digital technology is almost everywhere - from mobile devices to intelligent clothing.

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