Art & Philosophy

Ross Forbes

What transformations take place as we look at art? My work is an attempt to engage the viewer and to produce some sort of reaction. The collection of paintings “Love Letters to a Stranger” is based on the theme of being taken aback. Embedded in reaction and action of every-day life, I engage because I choose, and because I choose, I act. Using this as a premise I have created a body of work that explores the technicalities of painting in order to find expression to produce a full form of artwork for you – the Stranger.

There is something special in an authentic reaction or action. Recognising this enables one to explore what matters on an individual level. The task of the artist is to help the other along the way, leading the other to an authentic recognition of a definitive form or to a conclusion. I try to make work that has sensitivity that attends to what makes one human and allows us to relate, producing something original and relevant, as well as thought-provoking. There is a strong sense of individuality in my work. Accepting this as my point of departure enables one room to explore, having conveyed personally something which will be perceived by the viewer in his/her own particular way: engaging, perpetuating culture, developing self, and becoming something more like ourselves in the process. When this happens, when we have a point at which we have arrived…. I hope, in doing exactly this, I offer something of value with which to inspire the viewer. A sentiment of goodwill accompanies each gesture of the brush… and the viewer emerges transformed and complete.

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Art & Philosophy

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