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Work on display: Art & Philosophy

Mhairi Anton

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only...

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Ewan Arthur

The principal condition of all human experience is the possession of a human body. It is our interface with the...

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Kirsten Bennie

Imagine the world where we live side by side with the most terrifying monsters: we don’t have to imagine this...

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Rhoda Ellis

My practice centres on the notion of the object and the non-object, the physical and the digital. It has been the...

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Ross Forbes

What transformations take place as we look at art? My work is an attempt to engage the viewer and to produce some...

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Shona Grant

I like to find beauty in simplicity, white space is not a lack of image but part of the image that enhances the...

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Amanda Johansson

With my practice, I find it important to reflect on the world around me as well as injustice in our society. I...

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Emma McCarthy

Emma McCarthy re-constructs and deliberately misuses power exercises to exploit their choreographic potential as...

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James Alexander McKenzie

I am a painter working within the expanded field of painting, encompassing collage, poetry, performance,...

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Emma Nellies

My practice is research-led, focusing currently on Louis Althusser’s ideas around the Ideological State Apparatus...

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Stacey Pover

Transfixed by ideals of freedom and control, my artwork explores addiction, delusion, memories, obsession and...

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Luke Wilson

Unsatisfied unless he is pushing the limits of what he is able to do, Luke's eclectic practice stems from a desire,...

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Doaa Yule

Meaning, being and knowledge, those floating concepts with no exactness are endlessly, form and reform. This makes...

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