Degree Show 2020

Textile Design

Work on display: Textile Design

Textiles are ubiquitous. They clothe and protect us, from jeans to spacesuits. We sleep, sit and step on them. We are in almost constant interaction with textiles of some sort. They hold meaning historically and culturally. They can communicate and we communicate through them. They can be sacred. They can be smart. They can be whatever you want them to be.

When we work with students we lay down the foundations of the design process from in-depth research, through experimental development, to finessed outcomes. Core skills in traditional processes such as knitting and screen printing feature alongside digital technologies and emerging smart materials. We set students challenging briefs that address societal issues, pushing them to consider how they, as material designers, can design solutions to issues around materials, production and consumer culture.

We do not focus on trend but rather allow students to explore projects that help them develop a portfolio geared to their individual plans and aspirations. By their final year we see an exciting breadth of work that demonstrate the practical craft skills and design thinking approach that students have developed throughout their time with us. Projects cover the interior environment, commercial and domestic, the body, education, health and wellbeing, material research and much more. This year themes around material use, circular economy and conscious consumption are prevalent.

These final projects draw on our graduands’ experiences and reflect their dreams for the future. They deserve the warmest of congratulations for producing such a beautiful body of work.

Claire Adholla
Co Programme Director

Louis Elton Barrow

My 4th-year project, "Sound & Vision" is an investigation into sound through textiles, creating a visual...

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Emma Biggerstaff

Every Woman Is a Riot

For my project, I have set out to combine traditional punk and stereotypical...

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Catherine Brogna

Foraged Futures

Our fast-paced lifestyles have changed the relationship we have with the food we eat....

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Rachael Chalmers

In a fast-paced world where it is common to feel overwhelmed, many people have a declined interest or find it...

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Natasha Clarkson

Having experienced a bereavement in 2017 I have struggled very harshly yet found great comfort in soft yet tactile...

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Gillian Connolly

In my work I seek to explore an opportunity to present fun, vibrancy and humour in textile design through the...

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Jasmine Cook

Abandoned Renaissance While strolling through the streets of the romantic city of Florence, I was taken in by...

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Maisie Star Cotter

The inspiration for my work has come from my travels around South East Asia. I am captivated by their land and the...

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Ashley Coull

My design work investigates how pattern can change and shape an interior environment, giving it an identity and a...

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Kirsten Cronie

Scotland, a land as rough and rugged as it is breath-takingly beautiful. A country rich with discovery, adventure...

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Laura Davidson

Fast fashion brands are generating trends that come and go far too quickly on our high streets. My goal is to...

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Connie Devine

Growing up in a scheme in Dundee has been the inspiration behind my project. Throughout my childhood I was...

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Lucy Dickie

The leather industry generates approximately 4 million tonnes of waste on an annual basis. Much of this waste is...

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Maisie Farrer

Punk and Couture may at first glance seem unrelated, residing at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. While the...

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Jessica Gentleman

Fashion has often rejected the natural form of the body in the past, through various restrictive garments. These...

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Matthew Greene

There are over 1 billion people world-wide who suffer from ADHD, 50 percent of which also suffer from anxiety. I...

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Sophie Marwick Harrison

My project is a celebration of cooking fresh ingredients and the joy that can be derived from food. The rhythm of...

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Adam Komuves

The way we live and the demands we place on our homes is constantly evolving whether it be the need to work from...

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Linzi MacLaren

Pretty Repulsive

80 billion new pieces of clothing are consumed each year globally. This is 400% more...

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Orla McConaghy

Knitted Disruption A recent study stated that 2/3 of British women are bored of their daily routines. Everyday...

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Eimear McNamara

Meandering Lines In the society we live in, it is easy to forget our relationship with nature, and its...

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Katie Marshall

My work embraces the era of the mindful consumer and the exhilarating potential of eco design.


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Lauren Patchett

– “Whatever you say, say nothing” Seamus Heaney

Men’s mental health is a growing issue in...

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Jasmine Pert

‘I paint flowers so they will not die.’ - Frida Kahlo

Since the beginning of time plants have provided...

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Francesca Rea

For humans, the end of life is a heavily contemplated advent. However, even with the existing sustainable options...

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Sarah Richardson

For all life, survival of the species is paramount. My visual research focuses on carnivorous or ‘man-eating’...

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Matilda Sandground

My work is a contemporary and personal reflection of Scotland. Cultural traditions, such as tartan textiles,...

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Calum Taylor

A persons self identity is defined by their upbringing, surrounding environment and influences through their life....

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Lyndsey Taylor

Outside Otherworld This project focuses on the post industrial landscape in Scotland. Through time quarries have...

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