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Product Design

Work on display: Product Design

This year our students have developed an incredible array of projects, with a clear passion for addressing the major societal challenges of our time.

Although environmentally sustainable design is a major theme this year, several students also looked at health and wellbeing, particularly social and mental health challenges. For their generation to be one of positive change, education and learning will be vitally important. To this end, many projects open up discussions around how you encourage kids from nursery age onwards to be more aware of the sort of global challenges that we face.

Our Product Design course has a collaborative ethos, whether that be with other disciplines, industry experts or real users. We focus on getting our students used to thinking critically and developing their creative and imaginative skills as they progress.

This course starts with a foundation year, which allows students to learn about several different design disciplines. From there, they hone their technical skills and learn to apply them practically. In their final year, students are encouraged to chart their own path, learn who they are as a designer, and focus on the skills that are relevant for the industry.

The end result is something to be very proud of. I am sure this year’s cohort will emulate the success of their predecessors, who have gone on to work for the likes of Dyson, Lego, Nokia, Mountain Equipment, Unilever, and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, or to establish their own studios. Our students are designing the future.

Dr Chris Lim
Programme Director

Douglas Black

It is our duty as humans to look after our countryside by maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Much of our...

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Kim Burke

Witnessing the fishing industry from a young age, living in the west coast of Scotland opened my eyes to the need...

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James Burton

For many people, motorbiking is one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating things they can do. For others, it...

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Naomi Cairns

This project aims to encourage people to start a conversation with one another through a simple interaction....

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Ciara Devlin

Obesity is one of the most challenging health problems of today and screen exposure time is one of the biggest...

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Euan Flynn

The GameChanger is a modular, adaptive controller that aims to give everyone the chance to play video games,...

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Ewan Gardiner

Prisons are challenged to find ways to engage prisoners and promote rehabilitation. The Scottish Prison Service...

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Laura Gilmour

Being newly diagnosed with diabetes is something that people struggle with, from going about their everyday life...

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Alice Heath

Against a backdrop of increasing economic and social migration, I developed ‘Melting pot’ to welcome people...

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Sarah Jane Hill

What’s the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you look at before bed? For many of us, it’s...

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Rachel Hirst

Over 8 million tons of plastic waste makes its way into the ocean every year and what is more terrifying is that...

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Ines Hutchison

It’s easy to get blasé about recycling when you can’t see the process and final outcome. With textiles being...

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Charles Johnstone

Kid-Nae Problem

Kidney problems can lead to chronic kidney disease and dialysis. A four hour process...

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Lewis Kennedy

Alcoholic spirit companies are still producing unrecyclable packaging in these times of environmental crisis. The...

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Alex Langley

Sensum is a project that looks at correcting the psychological issues born out of hot desking. Hot desking can...

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Ewan McDonald

Food is a necessity. Food is a conversation tool. From family dinner tables to strangers in restaurants, eaters...

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Kevin Malavet

Depression and loneliness are serious issues of global concern. We tend to focus on these topics despite there...

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Ben Morris

Our world is changing. Increasing global concerns that govern the inhabitability of our planet are taking focus,...

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Hannah Philp

My project, ‘The Promise Period’, is a campaign that strives towards creating a more period positive and...

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Erin Shankland

When a child enters primary school, their whole development is recorded, but there seems to be no record of skills...

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Alana Spence

The aim of Glamour Grab is to allow arthritis sufferers to comfortably and independently use make-up brushes...

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Hannah Thomson

The experience of becoming a new parent is exciting, but the role of being a parent comes with many...

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Ross Turner

The Temperature Sensor Docking Station, named "The Chill-Out Station", is a portable product used to monitor &...

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Kish Twene

Insignia is a glasses attachment designed to make Affordable glasses concept and reusable frames more appealing to...

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Lewis Urquhart

DEAF BEATS is a bone conduction wristband, the objective of the product is to improve a hearing-impaired person’s...

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Katrina Vektere

Plastic food packaging is a large contributor to the extensive load of waste that is globally produced. My project...

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Hal Walsh

Microadventuring is an increasingly popular activity which involves short trips overnight in natural environments...

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Lorena Weepers

Good Grief, is a ritual based around an interactive memorial set in the Dundee University Botanical...

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Ruaridh Wood

Being attentive to making sure a home is as secure as possible from potential criminal behaviour is key, but there...

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