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Skewed Perceptions My work is strongly influenced by my experience of the natural world, which is showcased through my personal photography. Disassociation is a defence mechanism that the mind utilises in times of high stress, which causes the world to appear two-dimensional and flat. I explore the effects stress has on the mind, and how it changes our perception of the world around us. When overwhelmed, our environment can take on a sinister edge, perceiving threats where there are none. In studying this, I aim to capture the ineffective patterns of thought we become ensnared in, and the futility of it. By working with flat sheet, saw-piercing and bending it into forms, I show the numbness brought on by disassociation, while still keeping overcrowded elements symbolising stress. My designs feature splintered, twisted shards constricting in towards the centre, representing the damage that stress causes. Repeated patterns allude to clustered and overwrought thought processes, and tightly compressed lines and forms give a feeling of suffocation. Photoetching allows me to create interesting textures and patterns, and colour is added by enamelling and photoetching. While these bad energies have been my stimulus, it is also important to me that my work is elegant and evokes intrigue, allowing the viewer to create their own interpretations. My work, viewed separately, is also evocative of gentler emotions and narratives.

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Due to jewellery suppliers shutting, I was not able to make these pieces in the materials I'd planned to. I will remake them in silver.

1. Earrings
2. Paper. This will be made in metal.
3. Paper
4. On its side, this object rolls about in a full circle. A stand will be made for it so it sits with the opening facing up.
5. Enamelled and powder coated brooch.
6. Etched brooch. The designs on the left show how it would look powder coated.
7. Earring
8. Earring
9. Earring
10. Brooch


Prize Winner - Association for Contemporary Jewellery London Jewellery & Metal Design Moria MacGregor Bursary

Prize Winner - ACG Award 


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