Degree Show 2020

Jewellery and Metal Design

Work on display: Jewellery and Metal Design

What does it mean to be a designer today? By immersing our students in cutting edge technology as much as traditional skills, we help them to challenge convention and develop their own vision of what a designer can be.

They address contemporary issues linked to materials, sustainability and the emerging dichotomy between the digital and the handmade. The latter is a major focal point, with students being encouraged to experiment with digital making, computer-aided design, and wearable electronics as well as learning more hands-on making techniques. The result is the wonderful array of pieces.

Jewellery & Metal Design is about much more than aesthetics. While these collections may well be beautiful, they are also the result of extensive research and deep reflection on contemporary issues such as travel and adventure, personal identity, political and spiritual beliefs, mental health and wellbeing, and the natural and the built environment.

Our graduands have produced work in a variety of precious and non-precious materials, focusing on objects and design. Sometimes this translates into a body of handmade work or a commercial batch product. We also include all aspect of CAD, using the latest software packages and wearable electronics where more experimental pieces can be created, even incorporating media such as photography or the moving image.

Our graduates work in varied careers. They work as artists and designers. They can be found in management, education, or in specialist posts within museums and galleries. Wherever they are and whatever they do, they display the versatility and innovation that are characteristic of a true designer.

Teena Ramsay
Programme Director

Brogan Cunningham

Tangible Illusions Brogan Cunningham is a material-led jewellery designer, exploring how contemporary jewellery...

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Beth Cameron

Changing City is a collection of work based on the current architectural changes happening throughout Dundee with...

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Scott Clark

My work is based on Geek Culture and how it’s seen as being attracted to more technically abstract topics such as...

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Casey Freed-Dowling

The work I produce is often a reflection of issues that I've been captured by and themes which are sometimes...

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Ellen Findlay

Title: Monumental I am captivated by the notion that pattern and formulae within nature hold answers towards...

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Lynsey Fleming

'Merging' is inspired by the unique allure of industrial spaces and landscapes. Finding beauty in what isn’t...

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Angelika Gonzales

Growth Jewellery by Angelika Gonzales captures growth patterns of coral reefs due to climate change, such as...

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Sarah Harvey

While researching for my final year at university I found myself on a journey that seems like it will last forever....

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Hayley Irving

It all started at 194.

“An Englishman's home may be his castle but a Scot wummins's hame is her...

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Marianthi Macdonald

Skewed Perceptions My work is strongly influenced by my experience of the natural world, which is showcased...

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Tara Mansell

Intended to be beautiful adornments which will make any wearer feel special, my designs also have added...

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Rachel Metcalfe

Parallel Cities Reimagining modern virtual cities through my own eyes, I have taken inspiration from Japanese...

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Serryce Muvuti

Artist Statement Workers Of The Earth Drawing attention to the decline of the bees, and the importance of...

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Karina Nepali

Duality is a unisex collection inspired by the connection between architectural forms and the significance of...

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Anastasija Petrie

My work is inspired by my Russian roots and what it means to live in contemporary Scotland as a Russian, trying to...

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Greg Sutherland

My work is an exploration of male homosexuality and masculinity, through the lens of a working-class background. ...

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Kelda Young

My work is inspired by recollected fragmented memories that have been materialised through photography and...

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