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Rose Kendall

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Dundee Central Library is a hub of community activities: Book Bug clubs, a MakerSpace, adult learning and support, and hobby groups of all descriptions. However it is hidden within the eerie and increasingly deserted Wellgate Shopping Centre. Working with Janet Mulloy, Wellgate Systems Manager, and Alistair Wilson, Library Outreach Manager, I have created designs to increase dwell time and modernise the library. BookMarked proposes new sculptural spaces, beginning with a finned entrance walkway, continuing through an atrium performance space featuring a Garfield sun spot, and a striking suspended group space spilling from the library into the Wellgate. A twisting yellow pathway links the elements to the library. Next is the climbable giant book play structure and the glowing light bulbs at the Marketgate entrance. A giant toposcope outside both entrances mark the direction of each branch library with yellow trails dancing out across Dundee. The Wellgate focuses on increasing dwell time, keeping people inside, shopping for longer. All BookMarked interventions are designed to slow people down, drawing them to the hidden library with a trail of playful colour. The entrance walkway, suspended group space and atrium seating all draw inspiration from the patterns and forms of the unfurling pages of a book. Since my involvement, book-swap stations with comfy seating, inviting people to read and relax have been implemented under the escalators on the first floor of the Wellgate.

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1. Spatial diagram showing an overview of the 5 designed sections along the trail that cascades through Dundee Central Library and into the Wellgate Shopping Centre
2. Plan of building showing trail and surrounding area
3. Contextual image of the Wiffle Waffle Space, designed and modeled using SketchUp, Rhino 3D, SU Podium, Photoshop and Zuplankta scale figures
4. Contextual image of MenShen at the Entrance space, at the northern entrance of the Library, as above.
5. Photograph of the final model showing the Babblement Pod which creates the new entrance to the Library from the shopping centre.
6. Photograph of final model showing the Gobblefunk Book play installation which spans a void in the shopping centre floor
7. Photograph of an early model establishing the area within the building through which the designed trail would flow
8. Overall model of the final trail and positions of the designed interventions and spaces along it
9. Spatial diagram of the Gobblefunk Book highlighting inspirations and interactions of the space
10. Spatial diagram of the Babblement Pod highlighting the inspirations and interactions of the space

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