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Molly Quigley

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BREAD is my design proposal to bring a new, innovative and modern lease of life to an outstanding piece of Dundee's history; an old flour mill on exchange street. Built in 1820, the mill has had various commercial uses in its life time, but my proposal aims to tackle a modern issue while recognising the history of the building. I aim to make society rethink their relationship with food through my design. These small steps can potentially have a large impact within Dundee. Over the last 5 years there has been a 73% increase in the use of food banks alongside 1.3 billion tons of food being thrown away each year. Bread has the potential to reduce these figures by educating society about buying foods, cooking with little waste and ingredients and providing a platform to sell or exchange food that they do not need. To recognise the history of the building, the original materials that have been well maintained throughout the years will be kept and new furniture and decor will create an industrial theme. The space will house a street market and advertising area for local businesses, a community kitchen to learn, an exchange food bank and a bar and restaurant. This unique project will be one of the first to provide an opportunity for residents and visitors of an increasingly more successful and popular city to learn new skills, socialise and exchange food.

Photo of Molly Quigley

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Image 1- Hero image of BREAD
Image 2- Spatial diagram of BREAD
Image 3- The courtyard, the main entrance to BREAD
Image 4- Indoor market
Image 5- Street food
Image 6- Commercial Street passage way
Image 7- Community kitchen
Image 8- Gathering table and exchange street
Image 9- bar and restaurant
Image 10- Open top roof seating for bar and restaurant

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