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Marieke Evans

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A cultural centre that celebrates community diversity

ASHORE is an intercultural community hub in an abandoned public Edwardian bath house which celebrates cultural diversity. It brings people of different ethnic and age groups together through providing skill and story sharing, food, workshops, education and performance. My project aims to challenge the negative connotations of immigration within the most culturally diverse area of Scotland and an area of urban deprivation by encouraging conversation on their journeys and heritage. A narrative of sail and sea crossings is used to influence the design. As well as this metaphor fitting the context and nature of the bath house, crossing seas is a shared experience of those who have migrated to Glasgow. People who could previously not imagine belonging together, may now discover their stories are not so different after all. Finally, the narrative aims to honour the bravery of refugees who have crossed dangerous seas.

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A cultural centre that celebrates community diversity.

Images include contextual images, elevations, a plan, a sketch, a spatial research diagram, a collage, a sketch model and a user-journey model that provide an oversight of the design outcome and process.

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Prize Winner - Alexander Leslie Russell Prize

Third, fourth or fifth year student of outstanding ability

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