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BiOasis is a bio crematorium, which celebrates life after death by introducing water cremation to the UK. The bio cremation process breaks down the body leaving only liquid and bones (which are easily pulverized and given as ashes). If the liquid remains are not filtered into pure water, it will contain the perfect proteins to act as a plant fertiliser – meaning that the remains of a loved one could still hold the life to fuel the growth of an ecosystem. Its flameless process means BiOasis has less impact on the environment than traditional forms of body disposal. This method is not popular in the UK as the remains tend to be drained into the mains water supply seeming almost disrespectful to grieving families. BiOasis is an adaptive reuse of a derelict botanical garden in Glasgow which restores its original use as an indoor garden and houses the addition of the crematorium. The crematorium celebrates death with a special ceremony – similar to scattering ashes. After the cremation, the family can plant a personalised bulb (filled with liquid remnants) amongst the plants in the sanctuary – watering the soil and cycling life back into the earth. The sanctuary reinvents the graveyard, brass bulbs replace headstones and plants replace graves creating a much more pleasant place to pay your respects. BiOasis tries to tackle the way that we deal with grief and aims to create a positive encounter with death, giving people a place to celebrate life long after death.

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BiOasis. Capturing the essence of water cremation and challenging the way we deal with death.

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