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Lee Johnstone

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Inspired by the spark that ignites in us when discovering something new, The Bothy Trail is designed to encourage curiosity in navigating new spaces. Used as a place of refuge in the Scottish mountains, bothies offer a place for explorers to dry off, eat, get warm and share stories with other travellers. The trail features five ‘bothies’, which are linked and discovered through a progression of exploration, from bothy number one to bothy number five. As authentic bothies do, the structures throughout the trail embrace the nature of secrecy, individuality and disconnect from the outside world. Along with the well known impact that outdoor pursuits have on mental health, participation in the trail should accommodate those simply wishing to experience something new, as well as those in need of a change of perspective. Whether feeling lost, or looking to get lost, users will find a new outlook from the progression of urban to natural landscape. Each ‘bothy’ should encourage playful experiences and intimate thoughts of self and place within the wider landscape of our being. The trail aims to celebrate oddities and encourage storytelling from both the structure and user. Each ‘bothy’ takes inspiration from an element of physical play and employs the theme of childhood nostalgia, encouraging users to forget about sensibilities and responsibilities. Participation in the Bothy Trail allows users to disconnect from reality and to connect on a deeper level, with themselves and others.

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Many journeys begin with a desire to experience something different. This project celebrates the ritual nature of the journey, the power of the special site, the connection between journey and culture, and also the social and spiritual connections established. There is a transformative undertaking when moving from one point to another. Progress and growth is made through experience. Memories and happiness are created through curiosity. 

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Prize Winner - Eckersley Book Prize

Best Written Work (Design)

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