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Karolina Rzeznik

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“A block of flats plagued by antisocial behaviour issues is set to be demolished under new plans unveiled by the council.” - Edinburgh News “Redevelopment of that area will bring opportunities to have additional walking routes through there, or Leith historic trails.” - Green councillor Chas Booth I have lived in Leith’s area for seven years and the redevelopment news for Leith's Coatfield Lane and Giles Street evoke my curiosity for what would they become in the future. I decided to take a chance and adapt a part of the existing structure to my own vision. My design goal was to propose a solution that could improve life of the local community by tackling the issues of drug abuse, violent behaviours and social alienation. Farm on The Roost is a public realm, created in order to enhance a community coherence, support families and vulnerable and help to raise a young generation of social participants. The farm offers possibilities of learning and self-development by providing access to the facilities like Creative Cave that includes wood and pottery workshop, Interactive Learning Loop, Shoot’s Shack and Pet Therapy sandlot. The whole complex creates an asylum where user can find some mental piece either by engaging with nature, arts and crafts, bonding with neighbours or simply by having a cup of tea at the Café on The Roost. The architectural style of the building was inspired by clashing elements of Scottish countryside- wavy hills, ribbons of paths and shed roofs.

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1. Farm on the Roost
2. Farm-Spatial Diagram
3. Cafe- Spatial Diagram
4. Cafe
5. Cafe
6. Learning Loop- Spatial Diagram
7. Learning Loop
8. Pet Therapy
9. Shoots Shack
10. Ceramic Workshop

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