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The Abhainn is a conceptual Palliative Care and Support Centre situated on the Thomas Telford Pier in Newport-on-Tay. The aim of the development is to create an approachable, yet fresh, design solution that houses an inclusive method of care focusing on a sense of reassurance and intimacy. With a variety of cosy private environments, the buildings envelop guests with a feeling of safety and security during their period of care whilst nurturing social relationships with friends and family. The physicality of the site promotes unique views of the sunset and incorporates interior elements of water, allowing occupants to feel grounded within their new environment. By drawing attention to the sunset and tidal patterns, residents and visitors are encouraged to feel at ease with the natural passage of time and to become further immersed in their individual journey.

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Image 1 – The chemotherapy room focuses on the natural passage of time. By drawing visitors’ attention towards the movement of the tide, the lapping water acts as a calming distraction during their treatment process. Through the introduction of strong colours, the room becomes a visually uplifting and peaceful sanctuary which acts as a stopping point throughout each person’s journey.

Images 5,6,8 – The Abhiann Palliative Care Centre has been designed to sit in harmony with the Support Centre. To fulfil this, both buildings have been envisaged with single-story façades, similar roof structures and material palettes. Featuring vertical slats throughout, the structures are reminiscent of traditional boat houses and allow light to penetrate through the façades casting moving shadows throughout.

Image 7 - The Palliative Care Centre houses five residential apartments for guests receiving end of life care, focusing on accessibility and adaptability. Every element of the apartment is accessible to wheelchair users and hospital beds, with automatic doors and sliding walls which allow the space to be opened up as a social environment or closed off for privacy. Positioned to face the sunset, the flats have private, sheltered piers that allow guests to focus on the natural surroundings and nature's constant movement.

Images 8,9,10 – The Abhiann Support Centre has been designed as an extension of the existing Thomas Telford Building. Taking inspiration from the Maggie’s Centres, it has been designed without a reception area and as a bright, welcoming and approachable space. Housing a large kitchen space, free activity room and a variety of social areas, the building features extended platforms over the River Tay. With a roof line inspired by the flight path of birds, the orange ceiling aims to draw the eye upwards, focusing the visitor’s attention on the horizon helping them to feel settled and grounded within their surroundings.

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