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SeaRenity, a well-being and therapy centre located on the River Tay overlooking the Beacon and Fowler rocks, was designed to explore human connection to weather. According to a 2014 study conducted by The Weather Channel and YouGov, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression linked to reduced exposure to sunlight ,affects 29% of the UK population to various degrees. Designed around this connection to weather, SeaRenity aims to improve mental and physical well-being through the use of light therapy rooms, a yoga studio and massage rooms. The restaurant offers a space to encourage healthy eating and lifestyles, providing a space to socialise while indulging in the beautiful views of the River Tay. Inspired by the ongoing Dundee Waterfront Development, the centre aims to take advantage of the attention brought to the area to encourage visitors and raise public awareness of physical and mental health.

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The exterior of SeaRenity is kinetic, moving in accordance to the wind creating a shimmering effect. The building appears alive itself and with brass cladding, looks like a setting sun in the distance.

Treatment rooms were made out of one-way mirrors to allow visitors to provide privacy while maintaining a connection with the outside environment, with the mirrored surfaces being used to expand the interior space and evoke self-reflection, while fog gives the space an ethereal atmosphere, allowing visitors to forget about mundane issues and focus on themselves.

Light therapy rooms are comprised of multiple light station islands that simulate natural light through the use of SAD lights, allowing visitors to receive treatment in a relaxing environment, as an individual or a group.

Throughout the building rain curtains were installed intending to soothe visitors with their sound and aesthetic.

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