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I tell stories and dedicate them to people. They are stories about our experiences as people – about growing up, embarking on adventures, missing home, questioning who you are and where you belong, facing fear, the importance of giving but also dressing up and having fun. All my stories have very real and relatable underlying messages which come from the personal life experiences of myself and those around me. My visual style is shaped by the wonderful places I have lived, London, Catalunya and Scotland, as well as growing up in a very free and creative household. My practice is manifested through a love of working with my hands where I primarily use ceramics, printmaking and woodwork to transform my ideas from simple drawings into vibrant and lively characters with narratives. With this comes a fascination for book making, zines, publishing and creative writing. I currently work as a co-director with Fabricants de Futur – a multimedia platform formed by an international network of people, many of whom find themselves living at the margin of society (young people, refugees, creatives, people suffering with mental illness, displaced people, immigrants and those considered ‘foreign’ or ‘different’ in any way.) I also plan to keep developing the ‘Funky Drawing Collective’, a collective for Dundee’s early-career creatives where we explore the power of collaboration, sharing and doing things for the common good of the community.

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1 ‘Those Who Wear Many Hats’ is a game involving 6 ceramic figures each with a removable hat. The hats can be interchanged between the characters creating 36 unique combinations which reveal new personalities that have magical effects on them and the world they live in. Each of the 36 combinations has its own illustrated card explaining the phenomenon.

2 'Mend The World With Care', 'A Journey Through The Night', 'Bringing Glowing Oranges' A trio of 7 layer screen-prints.

3 ‘Could It Be That It’s Shy?’ is a 40 page book about a boy who goes on a metaphorical journey to understand his relationship with fear - a character who takes on many different forms throughout the story, reflecting all the different emotions we project on to fear as it is really an extension of our own selves. Pencil and digital media.

4 ‘Could It Be That It’s Shy?’

5 ‘A Book of Creatures’ is a 16 page book of coloured pencil drawings exploring the spontaneous creation of dreamlike characters at 3 o’clock in the morning.

6 ‘Those Who Wear Many Hats’

7 ‘The Big Map’ contains the 6 characters and their respective hats along with many others such as ‘Chiara the Timekeeper’ and ‘He Who Sews The Horizon’. They all have important roles that hold this world together and keep it running smoothly. 70x58cm drawing, coloured pencil and digital media.

8 'Barter' is a game which invites people and artists to team up and make an exchange. Each artist pledges a piece of art of equal value to each of the three categories, which will be given to whoever commits to a challenge from one of those categories. The challenges are about integrating environmentally friendly and sustainable changes into your lifestyle.

9 An ongoing series of illustrations and small pieces of creative writing personifying elements of our world, exploring them as characters who go on fantastical adventures. Mixed dry media.

10 ‘Illustrated Alphabet’ Mr. Skeleton pieces himself together to shape the different letters of the alphabet. 3 layer screen-prints.

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