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I am a Northern Irish illustrator with a passion and interest in creating eye-catching imagery in a range of different media, from digitally rendered art to illustrative embroideries and ink paintings. My work often features unusual characters of my own design, some of whom are inspired by people I meet in real life, in order to portray an interesting and often humorous narrative. Years of being interested in video games and character design has led me to strive for as much movement and expression of my characters in every piece, whether they star in a book or a card game, the aim is always for them to seem so full of personality they almost walk off the page.

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Piece 1- An illustrated map depicting the first leg of the Camino de Santiago.
Piece 2- Illustration to accompany poem 'the Trick' by Imtiaz Dharker
Piece 3- Digital print/ poster design inspired by 'the Royal Tenenbaums'
Piece 4- Illustrated group portrait
Piece 5- 'C' response to Illustrated alphabet brief
Piece 6- 'Mythical Matches' card game set
Piece 7- Valentines card design for YCN brief
Piece 8- Response to Scriberia brief
Piece 9- 'Mel' gouache and ink painting
Piece 10- Spread from childrens' book 'a Hat for Every Head'

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