Degree Show 2020

Graphic Design

Work on display: Graphic Design

Migration means something different to each of us and this year’s design offers a window into the myriad ways it is experienced, thanks to Graphic Design graduands who interrogated and developed a narrative around the issue.

The migration project, set by the International Society of Typographic Designers, is just one example of the high-quality work coming out of this year's cohort. Our final-year students are challenged to develop their own body of work from briefs set by tutors, industry partners and international competitions. The results are both eye-catching and thought-provoking.

Our Graphic Design course is industry-facing, with the goal of developing skills that will support students into graduate employment. We work with top design agencies, including Dyson and Good Creative, to ensure our students meet real world challenges informed by an awareness of sustainability, the circular economy and community. Reflecting industry practice, collaboration and interdisciplinary working are a key element of the course.

Students develop skills in typographic/editorial design, branding and marketing, motion graphics, and digital media. They can also explore options in printmaking, photography, video, interaction design, ceramics, 3D printing, and laser cutting technology. We induct our students into all of the workshop spaces and encourage them to experiment broadly with the facilities.

From the moment they first set foot inside DJCAD, our students are encouraged to be inquisitive and experiment broadly. These attributes have helped shape the work of the class of 2020 and will provide the firm foundations for highly successful careers.

Gary Gowans
Programme Director

Ioannis Andreoglou

As a designer I constantly try and learn new things, look for new challenges and and grow as a person and designer....

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Zoe Beckett

Throughout my final year I used each project as an opportunity to further my practice, I created final outcomes...

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Jordan Brier

During my Honours year at DJCAD I completed two diverse projects which showcased my array of different skills as a...

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Ellen Chestnutt

During my final year at Duncan of Jordanstone, I worked primarily on two projects. The first, my response to a...

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Stephen Christoforou

In my final year, I completed projects that both challenged me as a designer and allowed me to engage with topics...

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Rebecca Cohan

During my Honours year of study, I have used the interesting projects completed to further my knowledge within...

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Neil Connor

This year didn’t exactly go to plan did it… well ignoring the massive elephant in the room I decided to push...

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Renato Costa

During my final year of studying, I worked on two main projects: Firestarters which is a branding brief set by...

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Lewis Coull

As a designer I continue to push myself to think outside the box and visualize in new perspectives. Through my...

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Jessie Delatousche

During my 4th year I worked on two very different projects which I hoped would best display the areas I am...

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Taylor Dewar

In my final year, I used all of my design skills to educate new audiences about contemporary social issues, through...

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Mairi Ferns

Throughout my final year I have used my projects to further develop my fascination for visual communication. ...

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Anna Freeman

During my final year of study, I have enjoyed engaging more with human experiences and emotions and incorporating...

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Iona French

For my final year, I selected projects which would challenge me and my abilities with the ambition to learn more....

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Sam Hirst

During fourth year I focused my time on two projects - Rising Heat, an ISTD Submission and Rave Evolution, a D&AD...

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Callum Laird

During my final year of studying I worked on two main projects - a publication submitted to the International...

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Beth McCreadie

As a graphic designer I believe attention to detail is key when it comes to creating successful design. Throughout...

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David McGovern

The briefs in 4th year have been bigger and more challenging than previous years but have allowed for deeper...

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Callum O'Neill

I’m Callum, a graphic designer from Belfast.

Throughout this final year in DJCAD, I have focused on a...

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Rachel Park

For my final year of study, I chose to focus on projects that are of interest to me. One of these projects being a...

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Greg Rathie

The final leg of fourth year and the opening half of 2020 has been a tumultuous time to say the least. However, the...

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Lauryn Shankland

I’m a conceptual designer who loves submerging myself in user experiences to find unconventional solutions,...

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Karen Shek

In my final year’s work, I have strengthened narratives and conceptual ideas that reflect trends in the current...

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Aaron Snood

As a studying designer, I feel it has been important to develop work that is out of my comfort zone to test my...

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Marion Tinney

My degree show demonstrates work from two of my main fourth year projects in Graphic Design. My ISTD publication is...

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Rachel Walker

Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to try my hand at numerous different projects, allowing me to...

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Megan Wilkinson

Throughout my final year at DJCAD, I’ve worked on two main projects. The first of which was a publication in...

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Lily Wilson

As my design skills and experience has increased throughout my four years studying at DJCAD, I have developed a...

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