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Heather Taylor

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In the space of the studio/page/exhibition I arrange and rearrange. Observing. Recording. Accumulating a body of imagery, writings, objects, film and sounds. This work is informed by being an observer of daily domestic life.

Holding hands with my grandmother. A photograph placed into a frame. Clean white washing hanging out to dry.

The significance of contact, of hands, of remembering and of being reminded.

I am collating an archive. Gathering photos and stories so dense with memories. Yet, informed by the projection of my thoughts. Bound so tightly to my life. These fragments are continuously added to, moved, separated or hidden. The collection is put through a rigorous editing process, led by instinct and driven by unknowns. Shards of thinking being sewn back together by whispers of unheard conversations.

This editing process is echoed in the value allocated to the arrangements. The conversation between these fragments relies not only on the things themselves, but the spaces in between them. Furniture anchors them to the space, it reiterates my concern for the domestic and it assigns a new weight to the books, images and writings. Blank pages, pauses and room to breathe carry the work into a space of contemplation, considering what it means to observe/record/accumulate.

Photo of Heather Taylor

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Please contact the artist if interested in any of the works seen.

Prize Winner - RSA New Contemporaries

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