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Fine Art

Work on display: Fine Art

Fine Art offers an opportunity to study within an environment of enquiry and wonder, where the hierarchical boundaries between disciplines are removed.

To this end, our students are taught to embrace the myriad challenges inherent in a course such as this with a sense of experimentation and critical thinking. This culture enables them to respond to the world around them right from the beginning of their studies, something that is encouraged through unique approaches and natural collaborations. We help them flourish across a multitude of materials, methodologies and shared perceptions.

Embracing new and disparate areas is essential to our ethos. Students are given the opportunity to work with every School within the University and encouraged to immerse themselves in the worlds of everyone from Dundee’s world-leading medical researchers and engineers to our environmental pioneers and philosophers.

A number of initiatives are organised to encourage students to think beyond the boundaries of what they thought possible, both in terms of their own practice and the wider art world. A weekly Speaker’s Series brings students together for exciting presentations from artists and theorists from all over Europe and to engage with the ideas and debates that these stimulate.

Our staff exhibit and publish nationally and internationally and our students have the opportunity to work with them both within the tutorial system and within cross-year peer groups, attending masterclasses, undertaking study visits and participating in international collaborative projects.

All students have the opportunity to participate within a professional practice programme designed to equip them with the diverse range of skills required to confidently navigate the complexities of the creative industries after graduation.

The work of this year’s graduands showcase an expansion beyond the studio environment into materials ranging from print-making and artist books, sculpture, painting, sound, film, photography, text and curatorial practices. The growing critical and contextual understanding of the theory of art and culture which is at the core of our students learning is clear to see.

Some of this year’s cohort have chosen to focus on issues and beliefs personal to them, while others elected to tackle some of the most pertinent questions of our time. In several cases, the two have been explored simultaneously. Their hard work over the past four years has been geared towards developing their own identity as an artist and the incredibly broad spectrum of projects bears witness to that journey.

Edward Summerton
Head of Contemporary Art Practice 

Stephanie Angus

Through walking art and running art I immerse myself in the constantly changing landscape, creating a series of...

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William Bell

This body of work was inspired by unsuccessful holiday photographs taken on disposable cameras. Blurry, obstructed...

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Morgan Black

The work ‘2020: a Dundee Odyssey’ is a narrative journey which is also a layered multiverse of fact, fantasy,...

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Anna Blair

Anna Blair is a Scottish Artist, who began to study Fine Art within DJCAD in 2016.

“I was born in...

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Tomas Burke

For my 4th year project, I worked on a project that tackled themes of environmental art, whilst doing so creating a...

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Stacey Carnegie

The intense media focus on what society deems the ‘beautiful woman’ on the multiple platforms we have access to...

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Morgan Cassidy

Suffering from Anxiety and Depression for many years, I am frustrated with the condition. I often wish there was a...

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Martin Crawford

Martin Crawford’s work explores our connections to each other through the objects we encounter, and questions...

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William Cunningham


We all have that pile of crap, that you never find time to sort out, that’s...

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Annelisa Davis

I am interested in the ‘sublime’, fictional literature and the history of the British Isles. In the past I have...

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Kayley Davidson

The basis of my practice is exploring states of consciousness, how they affect me as an artist, and my work....

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Duiness Deeney

My inspiration comes from Ancient Greece, where the Olympian athletic form is the epitome of masculinity. I connect...

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Lewis Deeney

A meditation in creation and observation: my work is centred around philosophical and psychological concepts,...

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Brandon Dempsey

Using paint, pastel and collage, I Intentionally weave thoughts and conversations amongst crudely drawn imagery....

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Stephanie Dulson

Postcards are typically used to write to a loved one or they might act as an advertisement for somewhere you may...

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Morgan Falconer

My work explores the theme of ‘Identity’, a subject I continue to struggle with in my art career. My initial L2...

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Catriona Fraser

My practice is an exploration into the impossibility of defining beauty and perfection. Through personal...

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Erraid Gaskell

Erraid is a modern abstract expressionist artist.

Her vivid landscapes do not copy Nature. Rather, they...

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Emma Giles

The results of my art practice are intrinsically bound to the process of creation: the process evolves from the...

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Carly Gillon

Endangered animals are an interest of mine I’ve had for many years. This is an important area to draw focus to...

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Sophie Glover

With new media making it easier than ever to have insight into someone’s life, we have to question whether what...

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Jacqueline Goodall

‘Leap of faith For in that moment is still and silent The world stops and I shut my eyes with a visionary that...

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Lucy Hutton

The initial and most important thought in my practice is of the dilemmas of an artist, the boundaries of making and...

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Kayleigh Innes


I view my work as a relatable collection of the events in my...

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Jeannie Johnston

My work explores the fragility of life and the functions of the heart through diverse media. From simple materials...

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josie jones

Within my paintings I explore perceptions of memory and reverie. I aim to create atmospheric dreamscapes that...

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Shonagh Kelly

Working with analogue photography, my work focuses on photographing the interiors of specific establishments and...

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Reagan Macintyre

My work is influenced by the changing of people in their ‘worlds’ and explores what identity really means to me...

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Alexandra McConnell

My work explores the studies of parasites and disease through their appearances and characteristics. L3 served as a...

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Katie McDonald

Growing up on Edinburgh’s coast, in a house which I shared with 3 generations of my family, traditions and...

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Eve McGlynn

With a focus on iconography and symbolism, McGlynn has created a collection of artworks that depict the life of the...

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Emily McNeill

My work offers a window into my imagination; a respite from reality flooded with an expanse of colours and textures...

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Shawna Milligan

Milligan is reclaiming their queer identity by creating a body of work that is directly addressing pressing matters...

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Ellen Mitchinson

The human body has an infinite mutability. Prominent in evolution this allows the body to become a construct of an...

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Katheryne Morrison

Morrison’s practice explores the interactions between making art, observing art, and the dynamics within the...

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Erin Neilly

My work revolves around intuitive and practical making, it is material driven, not necessarily concept driven which...

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Holly Orr

My work uses performance, film, photography, installation and printmaking. It is also participatory, including...

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Sophie Percival

Multi-layered lithographs with hand painted highlights and glazed ceramic dishes explore the process of creating...

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Katarina Reiterova

LAND ‘Where lives gather is where unknown meets known. I have travelled a long way, but still not enough. How did...

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Lisa Reynolds

The world of cryptozoology is one full of peculiar creatures and hidden mysteries. It is a pseudoscience defined as...

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Kirsty Robertson

Layers of out-dated wallpaper, vintage fixings, boarded up windows – a house stands alone on a hill, a ghost of...

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Ishbel Ross

My purpose in the undertaking of this project was to examine specifically the elements that result a suspenseful...

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Amalia Shipman-Mueller

What are photographs and how do humans understand them? Through the visual arts, my core artistic practice...

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Danielle Stewart

My work explores the nature of human connection within an ever-changing technological society. As much of our daily...

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David Sträb

I attempt to transcribe echoes and reverberations at the periphery of perception, in a meditation-like state, where...

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Megan Strother

Brought up in the Cairngorms looking directly onto the snow-capped mountains, Megan Strother also spent her early...

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Meig Sutherland

From early cave paintings, the human figure has been used to express moments through-out history. An interest in...

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Lenka Taova

Tales of eternal youth and beauty have been told as long as we can remember and our obsession with them has been...

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Heather Taylor

In the space of the studio/page/exhibition I arrange and rearrange. Observing. Recording. Accumulating a body of...

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Libby Thomson

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, sometimes Monday’s too, my dad would go around to the Whip Inn pub...

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Sherry Trimon

I have an appreciation for the landscape where my focus is always the line and the shape. During my walks I...

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Graham Wallace

My recent work describes the tension that exists between humans and the environment, in particular, current issues...

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Georgina Williams

This work is a response to 'Workington Man', the political demographic targeted by the Conservative Party in the...

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Jordan Wilson

My practice emerges from my research into the practice of bodybuilding. The artworks I have created explore aspects...

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Francesca Woodcock

My work stems from personal experience, witnessing some of my loved once’s falling victim to domestic abuse. All...

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