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Lewis Smith

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Dementia is a disease which affects over 150,000 people in the UK alone. Dementia can make those living with it feel very isolated and frustrated and it can become difficult for loved ones to continue regular conversation. Reminiscence therapy is a leading therapeutic approach which helps those living with Dementia to communicate with others by using long term memory to recall stories from their past through a very person-centred approach. After researching this I knew I wanted to include reminiscence therapy in the design of my project. 'Reconnect' is an app which provides those living with Dementia a digital photo album as well as information on key events from throughout their lives. The app features two screens back to back and when flipped shows details about the photograph to help prompt their long-term memory. Creating this digital presence for an individual can help to build their confidence in telling their own stories and involve themselves in conversations which they may otherwise have felt excluded from. The app can also help to expand on relationships with family and friends as well as built new connections with carers or home-help.

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1.Hero Image which showcases my final project
2.The app can be used to help strengthen relationships and encourage those living with Dementia to express their stories.
3.The timeline feature of the app shows memorable events which can be looked back on and discussed.
4.Early development gathering insight into how those living with Dementia would interact with images from throughout their lives.
5.Further insight gathering into how those living with Dementia would react with technology when having little experience with it.

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