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Kathleen McBrierty

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As a designer I appreciate clean, simple and user-friendly design, that creates useful and memorable experience. I am a great believer in the use of white space. I enjoy the branding and UX aspects of design particularly, taking great interest in app and web designs. An interest that encouraged me to create an app-based design for my honours project. The most common type of injuries seen by physiotherapists have been caused by poor stretching technique and practices. Coming from a sporting background myself, having played basketball from the age of 5, I have always struggled with injuries therefore creating something to help others avoid injuries was very important to me. I recently introduced a foam roller to my stretching routine and have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of injuries I pick up. Roll-E is an app that guides new and existing foam roller users through techniques and exercises, that optimise their use of the foam roller. Using videos, imagery and a pictorial menu representation, rather than listing muscle groups that not many people know the names for. Roll-E guides users, helping them get the most out of their foam roller. The app contains information and guidance about the foam roller itself, that helps users understand their foam roller. When used as part of a stretching routine foam rolling can help decrease the user’s chances of injury and can increase flexibility.

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You can scan the QR Code on the poster image to have a go of ROLL-E yourself!

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