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Euan McKay

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Walk creates a new dog walking experience through navigation and other essential features. Walk allows dog walkers to find new walking locations and explore them in a fun and safe manor. Users can also receive animal care advice at home from professionals, track their app usage and create a profile to add personalisation to their experience. Walk acts as a central HUB for users to access these well needed services easily and confidently. Walk allows users to find new walks that are specifically tailored to them which will give the users a sense of reassurance and confidence when walking their dog in new locations which can be worrying at times. Also being able to receive trusted animal advice quickly and easily within their own home will allow dog owners to care for their animals with ease.

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Image 1- User selecting a walk
Image 2- User interacting with the navigation function
Image 3- User looking at statistics

Image 6- The app welcome screen
Image 7- The app walk selection screen
Image 8- The app navigation feature

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