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I have an interest in user experience, education, creativity and the outdoors, so I wanted to use all of these interests to help inspire me in my honours project. In times that young people can't collectively learn and grow together It has never been more important to keep communication going and ensure that every young person has similar learning experiences as if they were still in school. 'Outside of the Box' is an educational project that allows school pupils to engage their creativity and explore the outdoors while they are not learning together in their classes in school. The project features a 'box kit' and a compatible app. The 'box kit' is delivered to every pupil, allowing them to each create their own 'identity' through building and moulding a box with a unique style. The app suggests different walks and parks to visit around their hometown and provides different challenges and tasks for the pupils to do while they are at these locations. The participants bring along and take photos of their boxes on specific areas in response to the challenges given through the app. Pupils are then able to see where fellow classmates have walked to and where they have placed their boxes to create connections between one another and help each other to find and discover new locations. The 'leader board' within the app shows the number of walks and locations every pupil has achieved which adds an extra challenge of exploring as many places as you can to get to the top.

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Outside of the Box is a project for schools that allows pupils to share their experiences of the outdoors through an app and a box that they create using the box kit delivered to them, at times where they cannot be exploring and learning together during school time.

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