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Stories will always play a major part in bringing people together to share lessons, build our curiosity and reminisce about times gone by. Historically, fireplaces were the central feature of a home as this is where members would gather to break bread and share their own stories. In modern times, families have moved away from this idea of a central feature and have instead moved towards objects. Objects such as, souvenirs and family photographs are grouped together to demonstrate how close the family is. However, these objects can be generic and not represent how significant the context is to different people. This is where Hearth comes in. Hearth is designed for both parents and children to work together to create an interactive diorama based around their own stories and memories. The first step is to choose a photograph you want to explore the story of and place it inside. Once the photograph is inside it is then hidden from view and the participates then begin to decide on what objects they feel represents the story best. As you begin to place objects on the Hearth the story begins to build, and parts of the photograph are revealed. Once the full photograph is revealed your story is complete. You are left with a display piece that you both feel represents the story best. The more important result is that through the creative process of choosing a story and adding the different objects you begin to understand how important that specific story is to the other person.

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Image 1 - Hero Image
Image 2 - Idle Stage
Image 3 - Prompt Stage
Image 4 - Create Stage
Image 5 - Mark 1 Prototype Testing
Image 6 - Mark 1 Prototype Testing
Image 7 - Storyboard

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