Degree Show 2020

Digital Interaction Design

Work on display: Digital Interaction Design

We live in an increasingly digital world, one which raises profound questions around security, exclusion, the environment and physical and mental health. Designers working in the digital space must therefore imagine ways to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our time.

The Digital Interaction Design course aims to empower students to bring people, technology, design and place together to produce high-quality work they are passionate about. In addition to the academic programme, we have connections with major players in the tech world and our students benefit from hearing from a variety of industry voices, including high achieving alumni whose success provides the current crop with inspiration.

The final year of the course is when students become completely self-directed and see a project through from setting their own brief to realising a finished product based on their learning across their time with us. As their designs prove, this year’s graduands have done a fantastic job of responding to big societal issues.

Inclusion was a major theme across our students’ work this year. They explored ways of helping people who aren’t always able to access the latest technology and created bespoke solutions around difficulties arising from medical conditions or personal circumstances.

Our students created shared social experiences through design, encouraged people to interact with each other as well as technology and enabled individuals to feel safe online. At all times, people, and their individual needs, were to the forefront of the process.

Paul Gault
Programme Director

Ben Akkari

Stories will always play a major part in bringing people together to share lessons, build our curiosity and...

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Noel George

The initial plan for my project was to create an interactive experience that was both fun and educational. However...

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Rosie Glenwright

During my time at DJCAD I have found myself drawn to people-based research with a focus on relevant sociological...

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Cameron J Macfarlane

More and more, our data is increasingly available online for anyone to see. As our lives digitise and technology...

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Kathleen McBrierty

As a designer I appreciate clean, simple and user-friendly design, that creates useful and memorable experience. I...

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Euan McKay

Walk creates a new dog walking experience through navigation and other essential features. Walk allows dog walkers...

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Grant Milne

The thought of time is always ticking away at the back of your mind. Have you got enough time? Will you be late?...

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Carys Pleace

As a designer I am very interested in forward - thinking design and the concept that design is an experience. I...

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Lewis Smith

Dementia is a disease which affects over 150,000 people in the UK alone. Dementia can make those living with it...

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Chris Wesley

Data Agency is an interactive experience that exposes the lucrative world of data brokers. Our data is bought,...

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Christie Wilson

I have an interest in user experience, education, creativity and the outdoors, so I wanted to use all of these...

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