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Throughout human history the sky has been triggering endless curiosities and countless explorations. Even though nowadays men have mastered technologies like air crafts that soar in the sky, and invented extreme sports that can be practiced in the sky, the sky itself still preserved the unreachability. In my free-time I enjoy exploring the sky and observing clouds through solo skydives; and in my artistic practices the sky has inspired me in both external creation and internal mentality. The sky possesses both eternity and ephemerality just like artistic creation. And because sky is an embodiment of absolute freedom, limitlessness and has an ever changing nature I decided not to frame the paintings and extended my practice: I captured every change I made in the process of creating and incorporated them in this collection.

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How many curiosities and wonders can the sky trigger? Throughout history, the sky has inspired countless imaginations and explorations; in mythologies it stands for divine sublimity; in the eyes of the challengers, it means is the symbol of pure freedom and limitlessness, it possesses both absolute ephemerality and eternity — it is ever-changing, it can never stay the same, but when you look up, it will always be there.

In the studio, I enjoy painting the sky; and outside studio time, I observe the sky in solo skydives. Through those explorations, I realised how much our mediums are limiting the sky: framings, canvases, paper, etc... I first started painting on the walls, which gave me so much more freedom. My inspirations came from photographs, films, memories, observations, imaginations, and my own experience of drifting through the sky. I want to capture both the ephemerality and eternity and incorporate them in my depiction of the sky.

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