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Kaya Fraser

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It all begins at home. Uncovering a practice that has always filled me with great joy, rummaging. Sifting my mums, dads, grans and nana and papas' homes to find things from my everyday past, that sporadically surface in my memory. Hoping that they have been archived in some way so that I can pay homage to them. I use the term the everyday archivist in my practice as I found it simply the most descriptive terminology for what I do. The recurrent themes throughout my work are unsurprisingly, the everyday and archival processes. The common factor between these two vast themes is the site in which I specifically look at; the working-class home. A site teeming of cultural everyday archives and heritage. I feel most influenced when sharing and collectively remembering with others, everyday memories or consciousness. This is kneaded into my practice through memory work which becomes visual and textual artworks. Primarily working with photography and non-narrative film and video — in a home movie style documenting my family and home — the everyday, in colour. Also documenting the intangible memories of the past everyday — the archive, in black and white. I nurtured the learning of using sentimental cameras that found themselves in my care, after rummaging. Adding layers of nostalgia. I have found solace in the archived collections of my family, places I call home and our old everyday during this pandemic. The hues from the everyday shots now highlight their ephemerality.

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The Film:

This film imitates the style of old home movies, following both the everyday archives of past and present
‘the everyday archivist’, 2020
5mins 36 secs

The Publication:

This publication forms a more concrete connection to the site of the home, beyond the sites four walls to its surrounding community. Made up of five photographic series and interludes of personal histories.

‘the everyday archivist’, 2020
Online publication (to be printed perfect bound)
108 pages
Contemporary and historical analogue photography and writings, created/found

Image 1: 'mothers pride' poem and archive photo, spread from 'the everyday archivist' publication
Image 2: Photograph from 'scheme sublime' photograph series *
Image 3:Photograph from 'scheme sublime' photograph series *
Image 4:Photograph from 'scheme sublime' photograph series *
Image 5:Photograph from 'scheme sublime' photograph series
Image 6:Photograph from 'no ball games' photograph series *
Image 7:Photograph from 'scheme sublime' photograph series *
Image 8:Photograph from 'jaggy hoose' photograph series *
Image 9: 'Scottish plain', embossed linocut on Fabriano, 1 of 4 prints in a series
Image 10: Degree Show Installation Proposal

All * marked images feature in the 'everyday archivist' publication. These items are available to buy, contact artist for more information.


Prize Winner - APCP Award

Best Art & Philosophy oral presentation

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