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Katie McCauley

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Being Joyful Is Not Frivolous The greatest defense against the creeping sadness that can infect our everyday lives is to open your eyes and just look at the beauty that exists in this happy-accident of an existence, although, I am not blind to the injustice that is all too common in the world. However, I refuse to be paralysed by life’s darkest parts. I fully intend to surround myself with the brightest, most beautiful, aspects of life. I hope that in my work you can see the childlike innocence, the ‘first time’ goggles. Being an auntie of three small beauties has certainly shifted my worldview. Their joy, excitement, and wonder shines through and I do believe that there is a lot of value in an artist revealing the beauty of life. The faces, the animals, natural beauty and industrial beauty. In digitalising it I wanted to simplify it whilst amplifying it. A clean line and a pattern can go a long way in revealing beauty and bringing a smile to your face and I have been influenced by how we choose to surround ourselves with commercial items in the home. A beautiful printed fabric on a chair might make us feel pride in our house. The comfort of a well-designed throw pillow. For every low, something beautiful really can bring you joy. That’s important.

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Everyday there is an opportunity for joy. Take it.  

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