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Iva Sedlackova

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Geology, folklore, and climate change are the key topics at play in the narratives surrounding my work. I make single impression monotypes and paintings based on the natural process of weathering and erosion of sandstone. Geologically speaking, sandstone is a composite of decayed remains of other sedimentary rocks, which are transported by water currents and settle on the sea or river bed in layers. Once formed, the sandstone becomes prey to elemental forces of weathering and erodes over time. As a result of its natural process of creation and destruction, the porous rock may acquire strange textures or features. These uncanny formations often attract folklore names associated with the devil due to the visible destruction on the rocky terrain. However, modern-day human activity has its own effect on speeding up the degradation of such places. Human figures appear frozen in time amidst eroded landscapes, partially submerged in unsettled waters. A narrative emerges from the sense of constant movement and change, given away in the figure’s active poses and the depiction of water currents. By connecting folklore tails of how the devil wreaked havoc and brought destruction through geographically dispersed lands to the current day of human activity and its harmful impact on land; my work meditates on our supernatural attributions to the ever-changing natural environment and our place within it.

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Images 1-4: Tafoni Rocks of the Bohemian Paradise, (Monotype, series of 4, framed, 56.5 x 54.5 cm)
Image 5: Down the River, (Monotype)
Image 6: Through the Devil’s Hole, (Monotype)
Image 7: The Devil’s Pulpit, (Intaglio ink and varnish on plywood, 64x64cm)
Image 8: Rock Hunt, (Monotype)


Prize Winner - Bernard Cooper Memorial Prize

Final year student who has produced the best portfolio of Printmaking work in that year


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