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Ian works as a mixed media artist with an emphasis on sculpture as a mode of critique and drawing as a language of communication. Ian’s practice is concerned with the creation self-isolated structures that are interconnected via the assemblage of various framing devices and languages of presentation. The language of his image making has its grounding in historical American traditions of minimalism and land-art movements and also in various industrial design disciples. Technical drawing techniques such as orthographic, point perspective, and CAD rendering are played with in the work by pulling them away from their role for the specific object. This relationship to both art and design can be characterised by the interplay of ‘value and function’ that he engages in. This interplay happens on a formal level within the creation of his images and externally from this as he develops, deconstructs and recreates established framing mechanisms and pedagogical structures as a mode of critique. The aim is to explore and critique the formal mechanisms of both communication and planning, by creating a formal language that is employed through differing material modes of presentation. As a dilapidated pedagogical structure, the blackboard is used as a device to work out, plan and communicate. This structure is tied up with the history of its use in education and it is this historical function that is implied through its employment within the work.

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1 - 'Untitled' Acrylic, Drawing Ink, Pencil, Varnish on Board / 1.5 x 2.5 metres / 2020
2 - 'Untitled' Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Oil on Board / 115 x 115 cm / 2020
3 - 'Untitled' Acrylic, Blackboard paint, Pencil, Pen on Board / 115 x 115 cm / 2020
4 - 'Untitled' Acrylic, Pencil, Oil on Board / 115 x 115 cm 2020
5 - 'Untitled' Acrylic, Pencil, Acrylic Ink on Board / 115 x 115 cm & A3 Pencil work on Paper / 2020
6 - 'Untitled', 'Untitled' Acrylic, Pencil, Indian Ink on Board / 60 x 120 // 50 x 50 cm / 2020
7 - 'Paternal Negation' 2 Relief prints / Print in Hand Made Frame / Plans for proposed series of frames prints (Unfinished due to Covid-19) / 2020
8 - 'Old School Pedagogy', 'Hand Made Chalk Duster', Sanded Construction timber, Wood Stain, MDF Board, Black Board Paint, Castor Wheels / 2.1 x 2.1 metres / Hand Made pine and felt chalkboard duster and tray / (Unfinished due to Covid-19) / 2020
9 - Moncreiffe Project - Permanent sculpture located on Moncreiffe Hill, Perth by Ian Young and Celia El Hadrati / Commissioned by the Wood Land Trust / Supported by The Cross Trust, Scotland / 2019
10 - Degree Show Plans and Sketches / Pencil on Paper / 2020

Some items are available to buy, contact the artist for more information.


Prize Winner -  Wooosh Landscape Award

The winner of the Wooosh Landscape Award is granted a solo exhibition at Wooosh Gallery's Landscape Gallery

Prize Winner - RSA New Contemporaries

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