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Emma Mitchell

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I create films, writing and prints exploring water as the interconnecting medium between the human world and the animal world. Water is an essential material constantly moving in and out bodies, drains, water systems, seas and oceans – its tracks are never filtered out or fully known. Water and its polluted contents are always moving beyond bodies and ending up at the sea. The sea is full of underwater worlds and creatures that seem so removed from our everyday life, yet are affected by human behaviours and daily habits. My work strives to make visible our underwater connections and address our imperative relationship with water.

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Image 1 ~ "Bodies of Water", 2 minutes 31 seconds, HD with sound, 2020

“Bodies of Water” explores two bodies blurring, crossing boundaries and creating each other through sea water. Within the water we consume or swim are ghosts of others animals, people and life forms. Human bodies become seamless in water, even though we are no longer able to survive complete long term immersion. Our fluid movements in water echo beginnings of life, individually from our mother’s womb, and as a human species through evolution. From birth until death our lives are sustained by water, by becoming aware of this we can cultivate an ability to care for ourselves, each other and our environmental contribution. Water is life, we only need to look within it to realise this truth.

Image 2 ~ "Scapa Distillary", 27 seconds, 16mm film, 2020

Image 3 ~ "Boy in Water", Photo-etching, 47cm x 38.1 cm, edition of 4 of each print, 2020

Image 4 ~ "Boy in Water III" Framed Print, Photo-etching, 47cm x 38.1 cm, 2020

Image 5 ~ "What's in the Water?", Etching with Chine Colle, 21cm by 14.8cm, 2019

Image 6 ~ "A Seal's World", Electro-etching, 14cm by 15cm, edition of 6, 2019

Image 7 ~ "Tentsmuir Pond I, II and III", Monoprint, 8cm by 10cm, 2019

Image 8 ~ "Sea Water", Etching, 10cm by 7cm, 2020


Some items are available to buy, contact the artist for more information.

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