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Andrew Rose

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Project Name - Riddles of the Veil
Expectations painted in black and white, sincere lies liaison with inconvenient truths. Answers are found, not given. So we look beyond, and we look back.
How do we justify and embrace our relationship with the casual lie, both to ourselves, our children, our friends and family. Contradictions dominate our moral compass, our mind maps of reality omit the undesirable and exaggerate the beauty. Andrew Rose presents a series of prints and oil paintings which explore our relationship with truth, these works are baked in symbolism which deliberately suggests a perspective while at the same time undermining it. An approach to knowledge defined through “Pedagogy of the oppressed” by Paulo Freire, the artist’s intent is contained within the work but not absolute, he hopes to be challenged as the meaning changes in the perspective of each viewer. In attempting to understand, by engaging with each other, perhaps all involved can gain some insight.

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The work of Andrew Rose began as an inordinate amount of scribbling and has developed over many years into a worrying and messy indulgence. His work is based in a desire to provoke thought and conversation, melding the familiar and fantastic to articulate the absurd and galvanise the mundane. A general overlook would show a love of traditional 2D image making, demonstrated through works in ink, paint and printmaking, although most works are comprised with a melody of mediums and techniques. The rigour and detail that emerges through his work shows an evolving approach to a singular vision. Narrative is heavily woven through his imagery, often accompanied with writing that hints and teases at reason within apparent lunacy.  The art world can often evolve with an esoteric disregard for anyone not born with a brush in their hand and an art historian prattling in their ear. To be on the right side of a social change, both in how we view and engage with art, led Andrew to exploring narrative. Illustrative qualities can lead the imagination and with the poetic freedom of the ill divined finery of modern art, inspiration for a narrative style both surreal and poignant came screaming into the world.

Image 1 - Trickling Down -  Silence pervades, but for the whispers of water. Elysium on high to the gutter below, we all drink deep and imagine its pure.

Image 2 - Lines Cast -The fickle fortune of fate. Perhaps it came down to taste or is this avarice by design?

Image 3 - Capital Fires - Fires of industry rage, choking on the fumes of progress while warming our hands. Burning hearts, I ache to remember.

Image 4 - Running far below - My pace has slowed. I know my destination as it knows me. Yet these stairs go down forever

Image 5 - Vermilion Tides - Was it always so? A majesty of bestial design, lording over this land, its heavy footsteps echoing into the future. Laying with the enemy is a sin but treachery has its seductions. She washed her hair of the past and it flowed down her, through her.

Image 6 - Resisting the Rain - The world screamed, as if the burnt soil was writhing flesh. Misery like birdsong, omnipresent and inscrutable in its lullaby.
I could still feel the sun gently scarring me, its caress delicate and overzealous.

Image 7 - Sketchbook - Impact sketches

Image 8  - Sketchbook - Faces of children raised in Gorbals 

Image 9 - Sketchbook - Child raised in Gorbals

Image 10 - Prints - original finished design for images 1 through 4 realised fully in lithograph. 


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