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This thesis explores strategies of assemblage; of material, structure, unit of space, building, urban block, neighbourhood etc. The main aim will be to initially start with a small unit which can be aggregated and collected into a whole which could become a built symbol of ‘Community’. My design project will test the idea of ‘aggregated space’ at a small scale with architectural technology. It is not to design a whole city, but to transcribe urban scale ideas to the scale of a community building to make a space that people might come to gather. This could be through collective events which can make it possible for the collective to make contributions for the community.


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Pic 1 - Exploded diagram of 'Aggregated Space' x 'Event Space'.
Pic 2 - Proposed podium event in 'Gdansk Community Centre'.
Pic 3 - Proposed waterfront view of community centre.
Pic 4 - Proposed view of after the event space.
Pic 5 - Proposed exterior view of hospitality suite.
Pic 6 - Proposed interior view of hospitality suite.
Pic 7 - Proposed view of performance event.
Pic 8 - Proposed view of market square event.
Pic 9 - Proposed dock view of community centre.
Pic 10 - Aerial view of connection to city centre.

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