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The thesis focuses on the development of residual spaces through architectural proposals within a framework of a masterplan for sustainable communities in Portland Green, Newcastle. Portland Green was previously an industrial dominated area but with many small industries closing, the area has struggled to adapt to the cities needs and has been left behind. Portland Green has saw itself become fragmented, resulting in many plots of land left unused, undesirable and neglected. Some areas of Portland are residual wasteland, undeveloped sites and neglected negative spaces between and below the elevated metro lines, Jacobs refers to as border vacuums or Koolhaas calls junkspace. The research will contain three sections. The first section will begin by explaining what residual spaces are and what has led urban areas to be left neglected and underdeveloped through the Modern ere of Architecture and urban development. Then secondly, it will lead onto discuss the main categories documented in previous research and use them as a model to analgise areas within Newcastle that contribute to residual space. Lastly an architectural intervention and urban design proposal will be introduced to revitalise the area of Portland Green and connect the area to the rest of Newcastle. “Generally speaking, lost spaces are the undesirable urban areas that are in need of redesign — anti spaces, making no positive contribution to the surroundings or users. They are ill-defined, without measurable

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