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Architecture, Water and the City Throughout history, water has formed the urban edge of our settlements. Neighbouring water has always worked in our favour; allowing access to freshwater, sanitation, fertile land and trading routes. Today, our cities and our way of life is being challenged by rising sea levels and increased storm surges caused by climate change. Architecture and the built environment must be innovative and adapt to prepare the city for this increasing threat. This study is focused on the City of Gdansk and the impact of water on an architectural and urban scale. Although rising sea level is a global issue this project is taking a site-specific approach to combat these problems at a social level. The research will investigate and explore options where the protection methods could also create opportunities in which water can be an amenity. By critically examining the current master plan for the Young City and highlighting opportunities where the built environment can work with water and introduce new ways to implement flood protection. This allows for social sustainability by providing the people of Gdańsk the capacity to endure and prosper, despite the rising sea levels.

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