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As we are in the midst of a pandemic, the importance of health and well-being is amplified. This project explores how nature, community and active travel benefits the health and well being of people. The project is applied to the context of Perth. Perth is synonymous with the term landscape. However, the city is one of fragmented places and dwindling communities. This project looks at addressing these issues through the development of infrastructure and landscape proposals to create a more unified genius loci. Along with this, reinforcing the city’s connection to its wider landscape context.

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Image 1 - ' Over Vision Montage '

Image 2 - ' Landscape Node Vignettes'

Image 3 - ' Bridge Perspective '

Image 4 - ' Bridge Plan / Section '

Image 5 - ' Terraced Garden Perspective '

Image 6 - ' Terraced garden Plan / Section '

Image 7 - ' Enclosed Garden Perspective '

Image 8 - ' Enclosed Garden Plan / Section '

Image 9 - ' Tree Nursery Perspective '

Image 10 - ' Tree Nursery Plan / Section '

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