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Adaptable Architecture This thesis will explore themes of adaptability and how it can be integrated into the design process to create sustainable buildings that meet the requirements of future generations. Buildings in urban areas today are having issues keeping up with their occupant’s ever-growing demands and changing needs over time. These so-called “dated buildings” experience more problems linked to decreasing usage, high utilization of power, constant refurbishment and early demolition. According to Bill Bordass a building scientist worked at RMJM London, where he led’s building services and energy groups. “One of the most common requirements for a modern building is flexibility. Clients almost always want it and designers usually say they can deliver. But it is all too easy to put a gloss on flexibility/adaptability issues and forget the downsides. We obviously need more flexible buildings, otherwise, they may not meet occupier needs and quickly become obsolete… “ Architects need to design more flexibly and consider adaptability in the design overtime to fit the future demands of our modern society. This will ensure a relationship between the user and the architecture that will create an effective, active and environmentally responsive building that will withstand changes during its lifespan.

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