Kyriaki Ioanna (Santianna) Stathopoulou

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Hilltown Community Campus - Investigation of Courtyard Typologies for Dundee's Housing Crisis / The analysis of precedents in architecture is a widely used educational technique among students, educators, and practitioners (Clark and Pause 2012). This work presents the socio-cultural lessons from the investigation, analysis, and comparison of a set of historical and contemporary precedents of a variety of courtyard buildings to offer a solution to the overcrowding identified in Hilltown, Dundee. / Overcrowding is defined and explained at the beginning of this work; a necessary step to understand the micro-scale of the problem, the relationship between the user and the home. On the macro scale, this proposal is offering a sustainable urban resolution, a community campus that includes the existing Hilltown community facilities. Three proposed buildings are surrounding a set of inter-related courtyards responding to their different functions. Two additional courtyards are proposed to specify the use of space between existing community buildings. / Learning from the Dutch Hofjes, the green, and quiet enclaves, often associated romantically with oases in the middle hectic urban rush (Floet, 2011), and the analysis of the courtyard buildings through time, this design work tackles the underlying problem of socio-cultural segregation due to the vicious cycle created by daily challenges that burden the growth and overall well-being overcrowded household residents.

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