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MONUMENTS : GATEWAYS AS MONUMENTS IN THE URBAN SPACE ABSTRACT The city is constantly evolving. It grows and develops with certain constituents remaining fixed and persisting through these transformations. A palpable way of expressing this is through ‘monuments’. These monuments gain their importance through their immutability, independence and image in the urban dynamics. This thesis will explore the idea of monumental artefacts as anchors to evolving urban spaces not limiting its definition through historical significance but also through form and collective memories. Learning from Gdansk, Poland, this subject will focus on an archetype that is a prominent feature of the city. It will explore the concept of an urban gateway both as an artefact – an ideal that has been about for a great length of time but is still a vital and relevant component in a contemporary context. “A development that is an embodiment of culture, of people’s ambitions and desires. Thoughts of this way, rather than being an imperfect manifestation of an abstract theory, the city is a perfect and vivid instance of reality.” - Adam Caruso, ) The Feeling of Things, The Emotional City

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Our aim is to strengthen Gdansk’s growing art culture creating a “gateway” for local and international artists to showcase their skills, beliefs, traditions and culture.By creating a cultural zone in parallel with the European Solidarity Centre and the World War 2 Museum it would also be a chance to invite visitors to experience and explore these cultural centres.Having been situated on the border of the Main city and the developing Young City, a transitional gateway would also be incorporated transforming it from historical to contemporary Gdansk.
The Solidarity of Arts Centre will house permanent exhibitions which would showcase art of resistance to pay homage to the history of the site.


Image 1 Image of the Solidarity of Arts Centre viewed from the park space that was created as part of the group's masterplan of the Young City.
Image 2 Exploded drawing of the Solidarity of Arts Centre showing the ifferent functions of different levels. Alongside is the different possibilities and ideas that was part of my exploration into the concept of gateways.
Image 3 Image of the approach towards the Solidarity of Arts Centre through the inner city route coming from the historical centre of Gdansk.
Image 4 Image of the route from the WW2 Museum.
Image 5 Image looking back toward the inner city route to the historic centre through the loggia gateway.
Image 6 Image taken in the workshop studio within the arts residence building.
Image 7 Image taken in one of the galleries within the arts residence building.
Image 8 Entrance level plan
Image 9 Elevations and Sections
Image 10 1st and 2nd floor plans.
Video by Tynwood Yu showing route from historic Gdansk to the Young City.

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