Jordan Burne

Using Perth as the backdrop for this investigation, I aim to demonstrate how the quality of both the public realm and inner-city life can be improved with the integration of ecological systems into the existing urban context. In doing so, the study will develop a framework to create self-sustaining neighbourhoods, utilising local resources to develop a symbiotic relationship between the new and existing to create a scalable model. The proposal is located on Mill Street at the heart of the cultural centre of the city. The water course flowing beneath the street and the excess of car parks at the back ends of the buildings provide the opportunity for careful intervention to create a lively community that knits into the urban context. By re-opening the Town’s Lade and greening the street, the cultural elements of Perth are linked by a bio-diverse corridor that entices people to visit and remain in the space. Green and blue infrastructure improves the quality of space and is known to benefit the health and well-being of residents, increase footfall and improve the community’s resilience in this time of climate emergency. The project includes a mixed-use project as well as a green community that promotes an “eCo-living” lifestyle. These include green planted roofs, urban farms, renewable energy sources and water recycling to minimise their environmental impact. The goal is to set an example for environmentally conscious architectural and urban planning practice moving forward.

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