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‘Meaning and value are here vested solely in the artefact - the building - and form is developed from the intense working of materials and their means of construction.’ Zumthor / Materials are the foundation of a successful building and place. This thesis explores design through materiality. Materials significantly alter one’s perspective by inheriting a material’s characteristics to create a collective space. The interaction of seeing relatable objects, such as a brick, allows one to appreciate the scale of the construction. The textures and colours of a material both affect its perceived weight, scale, light qualities and the buildings narrative. Through an analysis of the existing shipyard buildings in Gdańsk, the topic will be explored through a project that embraces materiality, language and is derived from its place.

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The above images display the proposal for a fire station and church in Gdansk's former Imperial Shipyard. The site is situated at the end of the Road to Freedom and therefore looks to create a sense of place to celebrate this as currently there is distinct lack of quality public space. The proposal welcomes the wider community through the use of the church, leisure facilities and the cafe. The latter acting as a physical connection between the church and fire station where both communities can socialise. The proposal looks to create a place with a strong identity associated with the shipyard through and exploration of material, and in turn how the construction methods of brick have an effect on the built environment.

Page 1: Exploration of the brickwork details to the colonnade and loggia.
Page 2: Floor plans.
Page 3: Elevation study of the fire station front entrance.
Page 4: Exploration of ground textures in the church courtyard.
Page 5: Exploration of ground textures in the public square.
Page 6: Elevations and sections.
Page 7: Elevations and sections.
Page 8: Exploration of the ground becoming seating.
Page 9: Axonometric of the site in it's context.
Page 10: Presentation of final drawings.

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