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Architectural Constraints | Architects use constraints within architecture to define and clarify their designs; enhance their thought processes and allow greater control over their projects. Architectural constraints are often self-imposed, to articulate thoughts more clearly and limit ambiguity within the design process. These constraints vary as human nature, technology and history evolve, with society itself providing the most complex and significant influence on architecture and design. The city of Gdansk in Poland has faced many constraints over the last century, enduring the conflict and political unrest of both world wars, a 44-year Communist rule and the Cold War. They have worked to rebuild their city and redefine their cultural identity, striving for a modern city that is prepared for the future. I have considered the nature of the physical, societal and historical constraints within architecture and the opportunities they can generate within Gdansk. Using an existing U-Boat Hall on the proposed site as robust, historically charged vehicle to provide specific economic and social opportunities for the city.

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Image 1 | Proposed North Elevation
Image 2 | Existing Building Elements
Image 3 | Proposed Design | Building Diagrams
Image 4 | Proposed Elevations
Image 5 | Internal Render | View into exhibition space from staff and student entrance
Image 6 | Proposed Cross Section
Image 7 | Internal Render | View into central void from viewing platform opposite test labs
Image 8 | Internal Render | View into central void from library meeting room
Image 9 | Proposed Long Section
Image 10 | Internal Render | View to overhead gantries from staff and student entrance

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