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This project is based on reconverting an existing student accommodation (PBSA) into a mixed-use development within the Ouseburn area of Newcastle. The area contains numerous large-scale Student accommodations, such as the Portland Green development within Ouseburn, resulting in an overprovision of student bed spaces leaving the area half-developed and underutilised. The design focuses on one specific PBSA building, Rosedale Court, and investigates the limitations and problems faced when adapting a PBSA for a different use. This is carried out through an analysis of the current building by understanding the usable and retainable aspects of the structure, then, by identifying the new needs of the building in relation to the site and Newcastle as a whole. This project is linked to the Newcastle groupwork, providing a sustainable solution to the area of Ouseburn. This reconversion in to a mixed residential and commercial development provides a positive enhancement for the area, creating sustainable workspaces and homes for the urban core of the city. The design and brief have developed from a researched assessment of the current and future needs of Newcastle in relation to the city’s future planning and urban development plan for the next 30 years. By designing for the needs of the future and not just for the needs of now, this project and framework can be used as sustainable foundation for other PBSA reconversions in the future, not only in Newcastle, but nationwide.


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This thesis focuses on the possibility of reconverting an existing student accommodation (known as PBSAs) into a mixed-use development within Ouseburn, Newcastle. In this area there are numerous large-scale student accommodations which have engulfed the once industrial area, resulting in an overprovision of student bed spaces. These PBSAs have been erected quickly to overcome the rise of students in the Newcastle, resulting in the area being incomplete and underutilised. The research focuses on a specific PBSA building, known as ‘Rosedale Court’, that is used as a guide/benchmark for the rest of the area. This thesis investigates the limitations and problems faced when adapting and reusing a PBSA for a different purpose by analysing Rosedale Courts current usable and retainable aspects of its structure.  Lastly, this architectural design has been made in reference to the masterplan of the Portland Green area and show the possibilities and benefits of the reconversion of PBSA buildings in Newcastle.

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