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The Sustainable Communities Plan has been at the heart of regenerating cities in England since it’s implantation in 2003. It was created to create more successful urban developments that meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents and users, protect the local environment and contribute to a high quality of life. The social aspect of sustainable communities has been relatively under-investigated from the perspective of urban design. This thesis project studies the post-industrial area of Ouseburn in Newcastle Upon Tyne which has struggled with its redevelopment and identity in recent times creating an unsuccessful student ghetto. This thesis project explores the design of a public urban square and mixed-use public building in a larger masterplan of Ouseburn based on the investigation of urban squares across several countries in Europe and the literature review of public space design supplied in the thesis document. This will provide an adaptable environment for social interaction and activities in the area that enforced the creation of a sustainable community that has strong social ties to their local area.

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Image 1 - Exploded layers of design from landscaping to roof design.
Image 2 - Site with design features within larger masterplan.
Image 3 - Ground floor plan and connection to urban realm.
Image 4 - Other floor plans of mixed-use library design.
Image 5 - European urban study of public squares.
Image 6 - Section and micro study of public spaces.
Image 7 - Study of square design taken from precedents.
Image 8 - Exterior and interior user friendly spaces.
Image 9 - Relationship between building and square.
Image 10 - Interior extension of urban realm.

Thank you for your interest - Adrian

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