Degree Show 2020


Work on display: Architecture

With 6.5 billion people forecast to live in urban areas by 2050, the challenges facing cities and governments around the world are vast. Architecture and Urban Planning are disciplines with the capacity to drive change as well as respond to it, creating places for people to work and live for this century and the next.

Our graduates operate locally and internationally as architects, planners, urban designers, developers and educators. The profession continues to change and develop at speed, but will always deal with the legacies of the past, the predictions of the future, and the realities of the present. Developments in technology, manufacturing, commerce and policy require students to have access to exceptional facilities. To prepare students for the future, we challenge them to embrace collaborative learning and to work within a creative environment which facilitates ‘thinking through making’, both physically and digitally.

This year's projects highlight examples of the varied themes and fascinations which have obsessed our students and staff over the past 12 months. This includes the work of final year M.Arch students across the three study units they select from. The Architecture & Society students are determining 'What Society Looks Like' with investigations of Gdansk, Poland. The MacroMicro group have focused on the socio-spatial processes resulting from the residential concentration of students in Dundee, Glasgow, and Newcastle. The work of MArch with Urban Planning students considers the public realm and the economic, social and political context of Perth city centre.

This year's cohort are part of our ongoing collective story and are proud to promote their amazing work and experiences to their families and supporters, prospective and current students, industry representatives and the alumni of the future. Congratulations to all of our students for their dedication, persistence, good humour, professionalism and hard work. We wish them well whether they continue on their educational journey or progress to the world of work.

Cameron Wilson
Head of Architecture and Urban Planning

Alistair Battles

Cities are posed an interesting issue, as what to do with deteriorating multi-storey estates. Many local...

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Ross Boyter

The memory associated with urban places is a product of the clear legibility of the built environment and...

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Jordan Burne

Using Perth as the backdrop for this investigation, I aim to demonstrate how the quality of both the public realm...

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This project is based on reconverting an existing student accommodation (PBSA) into a mixed-use development within...

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Eilish Camplisson

“All inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home” - Gaston Bernard. The home is a treasury that...

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Liam Cox

This project uses the city of Perth as a case study to investigate how we can create quality, inclusive urban...

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Graeme Deacon

‘Meaning and value are here vested solely in the artefact - the building - and form is developed from the intense...

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Daniel Duncan

Continuity and invention seeks to explore the link between past and present architecture and the crossovers between...

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Grace Gordon

Architectural Constraints | Architects use constraints within architecture to define and clarify their designs;...

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Nikolas Gravos

‘Consolidating Design with Natural Spatial Concepts’ is a thesis that explores the relationship between the...

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Zhengxin Hao

In the group research, we found out that Dundee faces the issue of overcrowding household, and the research shows...

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Samuel K.J Ho

Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes (CPUL) is a termed coined by Architects Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen in...

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Mohammed lawal

As we are in the midst of a pandemic, the importance of health and well-being is amplified. This project explores...

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stephen japp

The thesis focuses on the development of residual spaces through architectural proposals within a framework of a...

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Cheyenne Laviniere

Canal Str≡≡t is a repurposed multistorey car park aimed to support wellbeing for all demographics. This project...

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Yuanzhi Li

Studentification is a significant social phenomenon in the UK, and it is an ongoing process in Glasgow. The modern...

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Sarah McKenzie

It is an ethical responsibility for designers to ensure the needs of people and society are being met. Recent...

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Hannah Nathan

The significance of universities in urban and social development is undeniable. The configuration of a university...

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Callum O'Connor

Perth Creative Commons is one of several proposals that work towards a Perth 2040 vision established by the...

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Leo Räni

Adaptable Architecture This thesis will explore themes of adaptability and how it can be integrated into the...

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Kariz Reyes

MONUMENTS : GATEWAYS AS MONUMENTS IN THE URBAN SPACE ABSTRACT The city is constantly evolving. It grows and...

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Amy Schofield

With the project situated in Gdansks historical Shipyard, the topic of my own study was to investigate the...

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Sarah Shannon

Architecture, Water and the City Throughout history, water has formed the urban edge of our settlements....

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Kyriaki Ioanna (Santianna) Stathopoulou

Hilltown Community Campus - Investigation of Courtyard Typologies for Dundee's Housing Crisis / The analysis of...

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bin song

Previous study of studentification in Glasgow provided me with the chance to think of its impact on Partick, and...

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Adrian Tomaszewski

The Sustainable Communities Plan has been at the heart of regenerating cities in England since it’s implantation...

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Kirsty Watt

How can physical space support social interaction? How can this be integrated within modern cities in order for...

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Jodie Walker

Shopping centres have in fact destroyed public urban space and streets – consolidating urban blocks into...

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Sean Wee

My thesis is concerned with the design of a framework for a series of dwellings for social housing in Dundee, in...

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This thesis explores strategies of assemblage; of material, structure, unit of space, building, urban block,...

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