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Specialising in comics and concept art, my time at DJCAD has aided me in improving my skills in visual development, storytelling and expression, as well as learning to become a reliable member of a production team. It has given me so many opportunities to explore the stories I've wanted to tell and space to experiment visually. Most of my work involves world building for strong narrative pieces Working on my own film "Clash of Chords" as a director, concept artist, layout artist and animator was an experience I'll never forget,even if regretfully it was never finished to completion due to unforeseen circumstances. My other concept work comes in the form of my Fighting Game inspired character zine 'Fight Night!', as a queer female artist I wanted to do something that was fun, bold and flamboyant with my characters, but I wanted to include a wider diversity of body shapes and ethnicity that I believe a lot of hyper masculine fighting games are lacking. With my comic work I wanted to demonstrate how much I love to visually display any genre with both a horror anthology piece and a queer love story. I love the challenge of adapting my style to create the world and essence of the narrative. I've absolutely adored my time at DJCAD but I can't wait to get out there and create more work and tell more stories with it!

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After working for four years in animation with lots of changing my mind, I came to the realisation that the specialist skills that suit me the most are concept Art and comics. I was given so many opportunities to grow with my time at DJCAD, and although this year was cut short and interrupted by the current pandemic, I want to continue creating bold and unique work via freelance and personal projects that I can share on my own platform. 

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