Zhen Lin

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During the final year of my animation course I dedicated my time in focusing on creating digital 3D sculptures. My goal for these sculptures was to capture the likeness of a person. I was drawn towards this artistic form from watching films and artists who inspired me. It was always fascinating to me how realistic CGI animation can be. Analysing CGI assisted video breakdowns, made me realise how often doppelgängers are used in the industry, especially with superhero films like “Logan”. Models are often used to create duplicates or to make the actor appear younger.

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Images 1-4: Capturing the Likeness of Dua Lipa (singer).

Images 5-8: Capturing the Likeness of Ma Dong Seok (actor). 

Image 9-10: Self-Portrait. 

All works are done on Zbrush and Maya.

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