Ya-Hsin Tu

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During the course I chose to focus on character and environment modelling. I have always wanted to bring 2D creations “closer to our world”. What will they look like if they are actually right next to us? I always liked to study or create the story behind characters and scenes. I believe this gives “depth” to the models and will make the outcomes more interesting. In my last year of the course I worked on “Adrift” as our group Degree Show project. It really helped me to form a better understanding of the modelling pipeline in the industry while working closely with the others. 

I would like to carry on pursuing this path in the future and to bring more creations to life.

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1. Anubis
2. Anubis Full Body with/without Polypaint
3. Anubis details of hand
4. Rivet from Adrift
5. Cockpit from Adrift
6. Cockpit seats
7. Cockpit control panels
8. The Hut with Polypaint
9. The Hut without Polypaint
10. Life Drawing

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